Investment Profile

ATEL Properties currently owns and manages a large national portfolio of diversified real property. We target investments in the $3-10 million range, with a preference for strategic commercial and apartment markets in or near major U.S metropolitan areas that exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Strong Economic Drivers: highly-educated work force, proximity to both traditional and growth industries, pro-business local government
  • Livability: opportunities for varied forms of recreation, low crime, good schools, effective public, freeway and airport transportation
  • Cohesive Location: geographic or planned barriers to growth, pedestrian-oriented retail and entertainment districts, popular points of interest

Purchasing Power

The parent company of ATEL Properties, ATEL Capital Group ("ATEL"), currently owns and manages a large portfolio of income-producing assets. ATEL's nationwide network of over 200 broker-dealers provides ATEL with a continuous stream of equity capital, allowing us to swiftly take advantage of opportunities as they arise. A small management team affords us the competitive advantage of making timely decisions, and our full-time legal and due diligence team assures an efficient, professional closing process.