ATEL Properties

Designing a real estate portfolio for income and growth.

ATEL Properties is a wholly owned division of ATEL Investment Company, LLC, an affiliate of ATEL Capital Group ("ATEL"), a multinational asset management company based in San Francisco. Since 1977, ATEL has priced, structured, arranged or acquired a large diversified portfolio of assets, valued at original cost.

ATEL Properties or its affiliates have acquired real estate that provides asset diversification and consistently strong returns for its parent company. We leverage the extensive resources of ATEL to identify, analyze and aggressively pursue commercial and multi-family properties that fit our investment profile. A dedicated team of acquisitions, legal, and finance experts provides us with a level of sophistication and purchasing power unique to our targeted asset size.

Currently ATEL Properties owns apartment buildings in Florida, an office building in Illinois, industrial property in Texas and office & retail properties in Colorado.