ATEL Cash Distribution Fund V Liquidation

ATEL Capital Group is pleased to announce the liquidation of ATEL Cash
Distribution Fund V (the “Fund”). The Fund has completed the sale of its
remaining assets as of November 16, 2012 and will be making a distribution
to its investors in December 2012.This special distribution will equal 10% of the original capital invested.
The Fund has also retained cash in a liquidating trust (the “Trust”) to
cover estimated expenses that may be incurred over the next twelve months.
After this period, remaining cash will be distributed from the Trust to the
investors/beneficiaries.With the closure of the Fund, ATEL continues its long standing record of
providing positive returns to its investors. Dean Cash, President and CEO
stated, “In the final analysis, it was ATEL’s emphasis on credit quality
coupled with our diligent asset management that created the Fund’s
financial success. Our asset management expertise also contributed to the
Fund successfully navigating three national economic downturns: the savings
& loan crisis in the mid-nineties, the dot-com bust in 2002, and the great
recession of 2008 and 2009.”To date, ATEL has closed and liquidated prior Funds whose original capital
investment totaled more than $320,000,000.